Johnson and Johnson Investigations, LLC

Agency’s State License Number: PDC002898

Private Investigative Services

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Law Firm Services

Witness Locater & Interviewing


Asset Location

 Serving Subpoenas

Criminal & Civil Case Investigations & Reviews

Fraud Investigations

Workers Compensation

Personal Injury

Insurance Fraud

Corporate & Financial Fraud

Medical Fraud



Complete Background Checks

Investigative Diagnostic Exams Onsite

Drug Screenings

Corporate Services

Corporate Fraud & Theft Investigations

Retail Fraud

Corporate Surveillance

Swat Analysis

Workplace Violence

Additional Services

Chaperone & Personal Protection Services

Missing Persons

Stolen & Lost Property

Cold Case Investigations

Notary Service – Mobile

consultation intake form

 Consultation Intake Forms are forwarded immediately to the staff on duty, and a Private Investigator will reach out to you promptly.